School at a Glance

The prime concern of the school is its students. We believe in imparting best education to the students practically through advanced educational system and immovative ideas.We believe that best education comes from a place of joy, freedom and creativity. We encourage curiosity and inpire discovery. To face the challenging and competitive World the students are trained to critically analyze and enhance their creativity through a stress free learning environment.

The School requests the kind Co-operation of the Parents/Guardian’s as to ensure that qualitative education and discipline is instilled in the child. So all Parents / Guardian’s are requested to adhere to the following Instruction :-                           
1). Punctuality and regularity are two essential qualities for an effective education. These two qualities should be cultivable in students right from the beginning. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who come to school habitually late. 
2).  All Parents / Guardian’s must ensure that their wards complete their projects / homework on time. All parents must check the school bag / book of their wards to ensure that all works are completed.                       
3). Ensure that your ward brings the School diary to School everyday. Specimen Signature of Parents   /  Guardian’s are a must on the page of the Diary.       

4). Make sure that your ward  take bath daily, dress up neatly in complete School uniform. No long / polished nails allowed in school. Boys  going for any stylish haircut is strictly prohibited.         
5).Wearing of proper School uniform is as per the Season a must. If any student is not wearing the appropriate school uniform, parents will be called to school and will be asked to take the ward from school on that day.  

6). Tight fitting trousers for boys and girls are not allowed in school.  

7). Black shoes with laces by Boys and Girls will be worn in the school.                                                                                                                                

8). All parents must educate their wards how to keep their environment clean and engage them as cleaning their rooms, shelves , wardrobes etc....       

9). Guardian’s  are requested to do surprise checking of their word school bag to ensure cleanliness. Also ensure that their words Packs their bags as per school time table.                                                                        

10). In the event of a student falling sicks the  parents should come to school and take him / her home.                                                                     

11). If a parent wards to withdraw a student from school during the academic session, it must be informed to the school H/M in one month in advance.  

12). If a student is repeatedly caught buying, fighting or using abusive language in the school ,disciplinary actin will be taken against his / her.  

13). Students are forbidden to bring cracker, explosives, mobile phones in the school. Disciplinary action will be taken against such offender. 

14). Smoking and use of drugs or intoxicates are strictly prohibited in school. Strict action will be taken against a student if found indulging in such forbidden practices.   

15). If a student uses unfair means, he/she receive or given assistance in any form during the examination ,tempers with evaluated answer scripts she/he will be given zero in that subject. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.  

16). The school discourages parents giving too much money to their words for their pocket money in school.  

17). Parents are expected to attend the P.T.M.S Organized by the school to know more about their words status.

1). All applicantions for admission should be made to the Head of the Institution in a prescribed application form available in the School Office

2). The dates for distribution of forms and submission of filled in application will be notified through the School Notice Board

3). For admission in Elementary stage shall be regulated by the rules regulations,orders of the State Government.

4). For admission to Cl-IX and above, admission guidelines of CBSE will be followed. Documents to be produced :-
i). School leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate duly signed by Head of the Institution last attended and countersigned by District authorities if required.
ii). Documents in support of his / her having passed the qualifying examination.
iii). Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Register of Birth and Death. 
iv). Caste certificate if ST/SC/OBC. Etc.
v). Aadhaar Card, Bank A/C No & IFSC Code, Family Ration Card