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Welcome  to Darchawi Christian H.S School. It is my pleasure to welcome you Darchawi Christian H.S School. The Primary aim of the school is to impart and guide its students in the context of modern education turn in conformity with the government policy and to provide an ideal academic moral and spiritual atmosphere conducted to the systematic formation of better citizen through the struction of English language. Assistance is given to students to achieve academically and also grow physically in a happy and secure environment. I firmly believe that with your support and co-operation we will continue to enhance and strengthen the success of Darchawi Christian H.S School in the days to come.Due to Covid-19 pandemic, this year is diffrent than any other year. We are committed to providing our students an interative online classes on every working day. I argue to all respected parents/ Guardian to support and track the on going online activities till our situation improves and normalises.                                                    

With regard 

Mrs. Ziakhampuii Darlong,


Darchawi Christian H.S. School

Pledge of our School :-
India is my country.                                                                                          
All Indians are my brothers and sisters.                                                      
 I love my country,                                                                                              
And I am  proud of its rich and varied heritage.                                       
 I shall always strive to be worthy of it.                                                        
 I shall give my parents,teachers and all elders respect.               
  And treat everyone with courtesy.                                                             
To my country and my people,                                                                        
 I pledge my devotion.                                                                                      
 In their well being and prosprerity,                                                   
 Alone lies my happiness.

DARCHAWI CHRISTIAN H.S SCHOOL is a Govt.Aided School, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education

Administration :-  


SCHOOL UDISE CODE :-                        16080601505
Previous School Code (TBSE):-            7/D052
New School Code (CBSE):-                    37412
Affiliation No. (CBSE):-                          2020026
Medium of Instruction :-         Medium of instruction in the school is English. Mizo/ Bengali is the second language up 
                                                    to Senior Secondary level.Hindi being the third language is taught from Class-VI to VIII.

Lowest Grade:
  LKG ; Highest Grade : XII   :-     LKG to Class-XII